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  • Version: Glorious 4th Anniversary
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Final Battle

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Maintenance 17/11/00

Patch Notes...

New Event!

Guardian Arena ~ Atlantis(153,211)

Requirements to enter ~ party of 1-6

i suggest you go at-least in a 3 man party!

About the event ~

So, as the name suggest you are the "guardian" of the arena you must defend it agents the invaders!

40 waves of 2 different monsters (80 waves in all) 1 semi and the final boss "careful there!"

Contains the chance of the following rewards

Silver Gem Coin Pack,

LV3-4 Gem coins,

Oracle Crystal Shard,

Oracle Crystal,

Hephaestus' Hammer +15 (Bound),

Bound Oracle Necklace Fragment,

Bound Oracle Ring Fragment,

LV13 Chalice Coupon,

Jackpot Coin (Website currency),

KS Coin (Website currency).

Guild change

Guilds can now only have up to 25 members!

Ally system removed

New items

KS Coin (Website currency).

Jackpot Coin (Website currency).

New boss!

God of Conquest, Spawns inside Crystal Mine,

Spawn each 2 hours!

Minor changes!

Gem coin combine now cost 1M coins.

Crystal Mine fixed & now double reward is 07:00-09:00 & 19:00-21:00!

Zen Crystals back at a testing stage (will be immediately removed if needed)

Hourly zen changed to 120K Daily (24 Hour's reset)

Mine speed on crystals reduced by 50%

Poseidon Temple is now on Thursday

Level Cap raised to E65

E45 gears increased drop rate by 50%


VIP Pack now cost 80KS Coins(20$) instead of 120!(30$), if you are a Discord server booster you get VIP for 40KS Coins! (10$) for as long as you boost our server!)

Holy Star of Celebration Badge now cost 40 KS Coins(10$) instead of 60 KS Coins! (15$)

Pets now cost 60 KS Coins (15$) instead of 80 KS Coins (20$) (Make no mistake pets on shop is not the strongest in-game!)

Back-gears now cost 40 KS Coins (10$) instead of 60 KS Coins (15$)

Fashions now cost 80 KS Coins (20$) instead of 120 KS Coins (30$)

Added on: 18/11/2019 12:51 am


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